5 year anniversary

Tatari’s 5-Year Anniversary

This week marks Tatari’s fifth anniversary—a milestone worthy of a celebration. Like last year, we’ll be toasting remotely as we continue to navigate the pandemic that affects both the advertising industry and our clients’ businesses. Still, we have plenty of cheers-ing to do as we eclipse a half-decade in business. 

Tatari’s fifth year was another one of rapid growth and evolution, as well as a deep investment in the talent and technology that will guide the company’s next chapter. 

More Tatarians Joined Our Mission

Even without the ability to work together in-person, we scaled quickly and expanded our operations. As of today, we have 200+ employees on staff—half of which are data scientists or engineers. That’s a 72% growth in Tatarians year-over-year, and we show no signs of slowing down. A few other highlights include:

  • Bringing on 26 remote workers, further proving our commitment to hiring top-tier talent regardless of geographic location.

  • More than doubling the size of our New York City office. We’re closing in on a new (and frankly amazing) office space as we speak! 

  • Bringing Todd Gordon on-board as VP of Client Development.

  • Keeping everyone connected and entertained with virtual happy hours, game nights, and the occasional arts & crafts project. 

Brands Continue to Trust Tatari for Buying & Measuring TV Ads

The pandemic changed consumer buying behavior and media interaction habits, and that meant significantly more opportunity for brands to tap into performance-driven TV campaigns. As a result, Tatari’s client base continued to expand.

Tatari works with both direct-to-consumer and established brands, many of which were first-time TV advertisers and would have otherwise allocated spend towards social & digital platforms. To date, we have brought on more new advertisers to TV than we did in all of 2020. Even more impressive—this was our fifth consecutive year of 2x (or more) client growth. 

We have also forged significant partnerships; most notably with Clearco. This partnership aims to bring growth-stage advertisers into the TV market by providing flexible, equity-free financing for media campaigns.

We Built Technology to Push the Industry Forward 

Tatari does more than just execute campaigns. We have made substantial strides in developing the tools and technologies that can reshape the TV advertising industry for both brands and publishers. A few highlights from this past year include:

  • Measurement: The launch of an automated, next-day ROAS metric for linear and streaming and several other new features to our platform

  • Media: We made significant headway into the supply-side, unveiling new automated insertion orders technology that streamlines the process between buyers and sellers; modernizing an outdated method of conducting business. Scott Berger, VP of Direct to Scale at NBCUniversal said, "Tatari’s technology has had an extremely positive impact on how we process direct insertion orders, streamlining the process and enabling us to prove out the efficacy of the NBCU audience for our DTC partners."

Of course, while it’s great to celebrate what we’ve accomplished, Tatari remains focused on the future. More automation, better optimizations, increased self-service, new measurement, and so on…always giving our clients a leg up on the ever-changing TV advertising landscape. Onwards and upwards!


Philip Inghelbrecht

I'm CEO at Tatari. I love getting things done.


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