Vicky Chang: Media Industry Veteran on Tatari vs. Traditional Agencies

Vicky Chang joined Tatari’s media team back in May 2018 to help with media strategy, buying, and planning. She has over 13 years of experience in the media industry and prior to Tatari, she had only worked for traditional media agencies. Due to her immense industry expertise and knowledge, we thought it would be interesting to interview Vicky on some of the differences between Tatari and her experience at traditional agencies.

Q: What are some of the key differences between Tatari and traditional agencies?

Traditional agencies focus most of their business on the buying, planning and strategizing of media. Very little of their business actually focuses on the data and analytics of media buying. This means they are only basing their media buys off of projected ratings and impressions, which doesn’t allow you to truly optimize your past CPM's and GRP's.

At Tatari, we rely heavily on data and analytics to inform our media buying strategy. We look behind the scenes at how each commercial performed, how many visits a website got compared to its dynamic baseline, and a very detailed analysis of network performance. Right now, Tatari is the leader in attribution - we dig really deep. Other companies and agencies now see the advantages and are trying it themselves, but no one can do it as accurately as us. Tatari is constantly looking for ways to validate our data which can be seen in our closed loop measurement, delayed lift calculations, control groups, etc.

Q: How would you compare Tatari’s work environment to traditional agencies?

At traditional agencies, there’s more legacy to the business. People are reluctant to change and there are a lot of steps and complexities to get things done. Tatari is a scrappy startup - we’re fast to adapt to changing environments. We quickly solve problems every day because of our business model and startup mentality.

Q: Why do networks and publishers like working with us?

The overall consensus is that they really like it and find it very refreshing. At Tatari, we simplify the process by taking the friction out of the media buying process. We remove the number of layers it takes to get to the approval process and people really like that.

They love that we’re not listening to the rules. For them, we are redefining a space that still tries to operate as if it’s 1950. Seeing a disruptor come in and do something well… that’s exciting. We also get a lot of feedback that we’re easy to work with and that we have a great team of super smart people.

Q: What made you want to work for Tatari and how are you liking your experience?

Being at Tatari is just as refreshing for me. Traditional agencies get so inundated with processes that they’re not taking risks and trying new things. As you’re trying to innovate you need to take risks which Tatari embraces and thrives at. It's also great to come to work and be around fun people with such diverse backgrounds!

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