Tatari Named Best Place to Work

We are thrilled to be named one of Ad Age’s “Best Places to Work 2020!” This awards program honors the top-50 employers within the Marketing and Advertising industry. Companies are scored based off of a company survey and an employee survey focusing on six key areas: company culture, company environment, employee development, employee engagement, and employee perks. In light of this award, we want to share a bit about why Tatari is such a great place to work!

A big part of Tatari’s culture is that we entrust our employees with a strong sense of ownership and ability to take initiatives. This, in turn, allows us to provide flexible hours and work from home benefits. Our employees regularly enjoy midday workouts (sometimes together), work from home to take care of kids or house maintenance, or leave work early to run a few errands. We also make it a priority to encourage employees to take time off and utilize our unlimited PTO policy. Whether it’s a vacation or mental health day, our employees prioritize their happiness and work-life balance.

Our culture is also evident in how we structure our benefits. Because family always comes first at Tatari, we provide employees and their dependents 100% health coverage. And of course, there are FSA, dependent care, and commuter programs in place, as well as 401K. Moreover, Tatari provides an additional fringe benefit of $125/month for employees to use toward their health and wellness. 

At Tatari, we consistently practice open communication and transparency. The willingness to share knowledge amongst all Tatarians is something we practice everyday and cultivated through multiple initiatives. To name a few, we do a weekly 30-minute Tatari Talk that selects key topics that are relevant to our core business. We also put on monthly Team Huddles that share updates on everything from hiring to revenue numbers, sales pipeline, and product roadmap progress. Open communication and transparency help all Tatarians stay “in the loop” and allow everyone to collaborate and have genuine and candid conversations. 

And of course, let’s not forget the fun! Tatari has created some awesome perks that are unique to our company and of course, help to enforce our culture of collaboration and togetherness. One of the perks that I push our employees to do is traveling to another Tatari office once a quarter for up to a week--all expenses paid--just to hang out with other Tatarians. We also bring the entire company together twice a year to discuss key milestones and partake in fun team bonding activities. And let’s not forget fun team building events for each of our offices, including semi-annual volunteer events that give back to our community and a family event that includes spouses, kids, and significant others. Our employees also just enjoy each other’s company in and outside of work; there are even dedicated slack channels created to plan fun events such as surfing, game nights, and bowling.

At the end of the day, what truly makes Tatari a great place to work is our amazing employees that make Tatari their second home. We know the importance of hiring right, and we’re very proud of the team and culture we’ve built here (even with how much we’ve grown!). We still have lots of open positions available and have plans to hire up this year, so if you’re looking to join a great team, please visit our careers page!

Muller Luo

I love getting to know people and driving efficiency.


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