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Client Feedback: If you can measure it, you can improve it

In each Tatari office, we have a sign up on the wall that says “if you can measure it, you can improve it”. While most think this is referring to Tatari’s industry-leading TV ad measurement technology, the saying also applies to our managed service. As many learn during our onboarding process, our client success team’s mission is to create a long-standing partnership by deeply understanding client goals, being transparent and honest, thinking strategically and pushing boundaries, with attention and responsiveness. 

Measuring our Managed Service 

As a data-driven company, we practice what we preach and aim to get qualitative and quantitative feedback through interviews, net promoter scores, and surveys. In our most recent (bi-annual) survey, we’ve seen significant improvements across many areas. Each survey is 20+ questions long and while we can’t share everything, we’ve put together some highlights below:

Clients were asked to rate us on the following statements giving scores from 1-5

  • "My media buyer has deep knowledge of my audience and goals" improved from 3.3 to 3.5 over the last year.

  • "My CSM provides guidance in my overall TV ad strategy" was 3.3 now is 3.6 over one year.

  • “Tatari has proven that TV advertising drives sustainable and incremental value across all marketing channels” improved from 3.4 to 4.3 over one year. 

  • "Tatari's approach to using data science in buying and measuring TV ultimately saves me money" improved from 3.7 to 4.4 over one year. 

Investing in people and technology

Just like good TV campaigns, you must test, learn, iterate, and optimize. So what has Tatari done to improve these scores over time beyond collecting feedback? First, we’ve grown our client-facing teams (client success, media buying, and data science) with whip-smart individuals. But the number of people would likely be a surprise considering our total client roster, and this is where we differ from an agency. Our investment in technology has allowed our client-facing teams to get campaign performance and inventory pricing faster, allowing them to make decisions informed by data and predictive intelligence. We’ve also built out workflow automations making tasks that once took several hours now only take minutes. 

Services drive TV strategy

Silicon Valley companies often treat “service” as a bad word. We (respectfully) disagree. Service is all of what is said above, plus the strategy that shrinkwraps our measurement and buying technology. There is a proven playbook for running a TV pilot and driving scale, uniquely tailored to each brand. To put some substance behind this (and avoid loose or empty claims), we will guide our clients with things such as:

A superior TV campaign is the culmination of precise measurement, agile buying, and smart strategies. As Aaron Pelander from GovX said in a recent webinar: “We believe in what they're educating us on and guiding us through, and testing. The plans that we've worked on together for each week have been thorough and logical. The biggest thing is that we have data to back up what's working and try to double down in those areas. We trust Tatari and we believe in the relationship.”

We’ve had explosive growth over the last 4.5 years and we certainly haven’t been perfect. We strive to improve in all aspects of our business and are proud of the “optimizations” we’ve made (and will make). 


    Andrew Schonfeld

    Oversee client success at Tatari, avid runner, all-around sports fan, and Dad of two.


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