Programmatic Solutions

Reach the right audience via programmatic prospecting and retargeting

Find new audiences via programmatic prospecting

Leverage 1st and 3rd-party datasets to create lookalike audiences, discover new ways to drive conversions, and augment your streaming experience. Tatari only utilizes premium inventory and offers our partners full transparency - whether on CTV or online video, you always know what you’re buying. There are no hidden fees and all transactions take place via private exchanges directly with premium publishers which helps to minimize fraud.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll be able to use the programmatic insights to optimize your campaign and scale accordingly. Tatari measures programmatic performance with our incremental and view-through methodologies, which provide a consistent view across linear, direct bought streaming, and programmatic streaming.

Access Our Robust Array of Programmatic Audiences

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Retarget based on website and mobile behavior

Setting up a retargeting campaign is easy with Tatari! After you drive users to your website and analyze on-site behavior, you can create a large, high-quality audience pool that can be used to develop custom targeting segments. Once your segments are in place, you can retarget customers on premium video inventory with custom messages. Measure outcomes in real-time via Tatari’s proprietary measurement solutions which empower you to make optimization decisions for your future TV media plans.

Easily Set Up a Retargeting Campaign

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Drive engagement and analyze behavior


  • Visitors

  • (Repeat) Purchasers

  • Abandoned cart

Retarget based on website behavior

Show a dedicated creative to those that abandoned their cart, reminding them to revisit your site

Measure performance and optimize

After seeing high-performance from the Abandoned Cart segment, maximize budget accordingly

Case Studies: See Programmatic in Action

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Case Study: Lower acquisition costs by retargeting TV's biggest buy

Fiverr scored big with a post-Super Bowl strategy focused on retargeting website visitors from its initial Super Bowl spot, resulting in a 75% reduction in CAC.

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Case Study: Move brands to point of purchase on streaming TV

Looking for a way to retarget site visitors that haven’t yet made a purchase? Learn how Onewheel used optimization and retargeting tactics to drive sales.

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