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Growth Spotlight

Creating a Full-Funnel TV Strategy In-House

True Classic's Full-Funnel TV Strategy Reaches New Audiences and Improves ROAS

True Classic is a men’s apparel brand that is currently direct-to-consumer online selling multiple categories like T-shirts, bottoms, outerwear, and more.

As a brand, they aspire to deliver confidence to their customers to look their best and feel great with their expansive and high-quality product line. True Classic came to Tatari as they started to notice diminishing returns in their digital and social marketing efforts on Facebook and Google. To combat this issue, they knew they needed to penetrate different channels in order to reach new audiences that might not be available to them online – and TV seemed like the perfect solution.



Campaign Objectives

Person Plus Knockout

Expand Reach

Improve awareness of True Classic's brand and product line as a whole.

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Gain Control

Take full control of TV media plans by using Tatari technology in-house.

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Improve Effiency

Lower acquisition costs compared to other owned digital & social channels.


During their pilot campaign, True Classic tested a variety of networks and creative lengths in order to see how TV could expand their reach to new audiences while still maintaining high efficiency. Their team quickly discovered how much more efficiently they could acquire new customers with longer creatives and DR elements (like using a QR code). Eventually, their success influenced True Classic to bring their TV media buying completely in-house using the Tatari platform– where they have full control in planning, buying, and optimizing their campaigns.

“The way we view TV advertising is as an evergreen strategy, we're looking to continue to invest, test and learn and really find those buckets of efficiency. So we can scale the channel, as far as we can, with the help of Tatari.”



True Classic was experiencing rising acquisition costs across their other digital and social channels, hitting a point of diminishing returns. Their team turned to TV in order to reach new audiences while maintaining efficiency against both direct response and brand awareness key performance indicators (KPIs).

True Classic partnered with Tatari on an initial pilot test. After seeing success and gaining key insights into creative performance, they created a full-funnel-focused TV strategy that resulted in positive return on ad spend (ROAS) and achieved brand equity goals like awareness and purchase intent. These results gave them the confidence to take TV in-house using Tatari’s platform, ultimately increasing their investment in TV campaigns by upwards of $25K per day.

True Classic's full-funnel TV strategy resulted in a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) and achieved brand equity goals like awareness and purchase intent.

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